How Much Will "Chapter Two" Cost?
“When is Chapter Two coming out?"
"How much will it cost?"
"How long will each chapter be?”

Yes, it’s time to answer these questions and more! :D

Since the release of Chapter One, we have been FLOODED with questions from our awesome fan base!

(Still dealing with the fact that we have fans.. so weird but so cool!)

Right now, I am going to reveal our plan for Bendy as best as I can! Hopefully this will clear up many questions and not raise many more. :)




I am proud and excited to announce today that “Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter Two” WILL be released in April 2017! 

Although we do not have an exact date yet, I wanted to pass on at least that it will be coming soon and you all don’t have to worry that the production will drag on for years. :)

Our tiny, incredible team is working so hard to make this an awesome experience that really builds on Chapter One.

We’ve heard your responses and inputs about the first chapter, and intend to answer as many of them as we can in the game itself.

Importantly, Chapter Two will be at least triple the amount of gameplay of the free Chapter One and feature so much more in terms of the gameplay experience.

Later in this post, I will be talking about Chapter Two’s NEW features coming up!




This was a hard price to determine because we wanted to make it as accessible as possible to everyone. :)

Therefore, I am announcing today that Chapter Two will cost only $6.00 USD on release! :)

This will be the set price for each chapter going forward. 

We are dividing the game up into chapters simply to make it affordable to create, and to make it available for you as sooner.

We can focus on each part in an individual sense and make it it’s best. In return, you don’t have to wait for years to get the full game experience. :)

For those concerned on price, Chapter One will remain free always. In the future, when all chapters are released, we may create a collector’s box set of the whole game for around $20 USD. (This is still being considered at this point.)



Sadly, it would be impossible to make this game free to play. The costs of releasing a game are huge.. especially games like this one. O.o

The creation of the game is expensive, the lawyers are expensive, the licenses are expensive, the copyrights and trademarks are expensive, and just how much time is spent on my end and my small team’s end is expensive.

(I probably have slept only a few hours since Chapter One’s release and I still have a million tasks to do.)

We are doing all these things at our own cost and it will eventually go beyond our means very, VERY quickly.

Therefore, I have tried to keep the purchase price as low as possible for you.

And also, as I’ve said, Chapter One will ALWAYS be free so people can enjoy a fun taste of Bendy’s world without any cost. :)

Chapter One will be released free on Steam in early April as well.

On that note, I really would like to thank the people who are supporting my Patreon and gave money to Chapter One as it has helped us hugely in getting this far. :)




Chapter Two is going to be really cool!

I was walking around the new environments yesterday and it makes me so excited to show you what we’ve been cooking up when we release in April!

Here are some NEW FEATURES you can expect:

- More Action Oriented Gameplay

- A RUN button. (Finally!)

- Yes, you will be able to die in the game.

- More puzzles.

- New Characters.

- Subtitles

- Updated Chapter One included.

- Controller Support.

- Enhanced Audio Clarity

- A refined, expanded menu system / options.

- Achievements and unlockables.

-PC, MAC, and Linux.




Overall, “Bendy and the Ink Machine” has been a blast to work on!

It’s amazing that so many of you love it as much as we do. :)

We are doing our best to make the best game experience we can. Obviously, everyone has different opinions about what makes a game good. So although we can never please the whole internet, we will do everything we can to make something fresh, fun, and exciting to play. :)

We will be releasing on Steam, Gamejolt, and (All prices will be the same.)

Thanks for all the incredible support of the fanbase.
You’ve all been AMAZING!

I get so messages per day that I simply cannot get back to everyone, but I am trying to respond to as many as possible. I promise!

At this time, we have a set team and a set idea for the game, so I invite you sit back, draw some pictures, talk theories and get ready for CHAPTER TWO.. coming VERY SOON!

Thank you!

Your Best Pal, theMeatly