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How Not to Be a Nice Girl
Today I wrote a blog post about how being a Nice Girl is a stupid boring waste of time, and why we should all drop the act and find something more interesting to do. I go on to offer some practical advice about how to quit the Disney Princess/romcom/sugar and spice racket, once and for all. My advice includes: 1) cultivating a healthy sense of entitlement, 2) finding bigger things to worry about than how we look, and 3) becoming a sexual subject (as opposed to a sex object). Read it here: In other news: I know I've been light on the original songs lately, and I have good news: the next two months (starting TOMORROW!!!) are writers' retreat months for me. I'll be holed up in the Watermelon for all of March & April, writing songs for the next record. I've got some good ones coming down the pike, too - I can almost hear 'em. With love and ferocity, Carsie
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