How the Other Half Lives

“Devon, put your brother down this instant!”

My embodied sand dragon construct attacked Ken’s sand human form and was about to start shaking him before her timely interruption.

Both of our constructs fell apart and we walked out of the piles of sand. My younger brother was already stirring up sand with his feet and preparing to create a sand tsunami as soon as she looked back into her trans-dimensional reader. Paul was lying asleep on the beach still unaware of where we truly were.

My mother’s voice rang out over what would have been an otherwise deserted beach in what would have been Texas, if we were at home. Instead it was a shard realm where humanity hadn’t developed. To disguise our journey she had traveled to several shards that resembled ours, slowly moving further and further away until there was no sign of any human habitation.

She had told us on previous journeys to this beach about the incompatible physical parameters in the biome of this Earth. While humanity didn’t develop, there was plenty of wildlife here and we could see the fins of prehistoric beasts still swimming around off the coast.

We would swim out later and tackle a few of them after lunch. She said we would be fine as long as we wore our actuators.

Our family was not your typical one. Yes, we have one mortgage, two point three pets, two point one kids, and one semi-decent car. We live in a quiet suburb in some unassuming town in the middle of nowhere named Desolation, Arkansas. But that’s where the similarity ends.