How the premier of SAY IT music video has gone! (so far)
In the past 12 hours so far: - 221+ Youtube views, with 20 thumbs up - Gained 4 new followers - Kale has become the new sassy - Over 18 shares - 52 Instagram likes (2 photos), a couple new followers - 4,448 people reached organically on Facebook! (We would have had to pay Facebook about $15 to reach that many people! Wooo! Thanks for sharing it!) - Joel Cathey now follows me on Soundcloud! ( - Made a few disco pop contacts (I'm getting closer to find MY people! YESSSS!) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- Judging solely from the last 12 hours, this is probably the most successful marketing campaign I've ever done. Thank you all so much. You have pushed me to hustle, and we did it together! Stretch goals: - Get to 500 views on youtube before the weekend ends. - Gain two more fb followers - 3 more shares The MVP to marketing this video is your fellow patron Tim Schumack! He really shared, commented and liked on every post relating to the video. Thank you. You deserve a shablam of honor. *shablam of honor* Watch SAY IT again!