How quickly I can lose the zen...
I love this community - this is such a great, grand, wonderful experiment. I love connecting with you all more deeply in this group. It's really fun getting to know you all better, and I hope that you're enjoying this experience as well!

As I was looking at my latest post in getting ready to write to you today, it dawned on me how amazingly quick I can swing from one extreme to the next.

Last week and weekend, I spent time literally clearing the clutter out of my house, out of my life, out of my was pretty great.

This week has felt the opposite - I feel behind, like I'll never catch up, like emails are piling up, and like I'm letting everyone down because there just aren't enough hours in the day.

So, I'm trying to remember to take a breath, that all of the stress in my life is self-created (literally - I'm my own boss, so I can only fault myself!), and that if someone gets upset that I'm late with a reply/song/flyer, I'll just have to apologize. 

That's it. 

No one will die because I was slow to respond to an email.

The world will not end if it takes me an extra week to finish a new song.

And taking my time to make a poster isn't the reason that our political system is crazy.

It's time to let ourselves off the hook.

I figured that if I feel this way - it might happen to other people and it might happen to you, so I have this fun little graphic that I found a few years ago, and have seen floating around the internet ever since.

Just thought it captured my week (so far) perfectly - and thought you might be able to relate (and need to see this) as well!

Here's to zen weeks, days and moments,