How the Rewards Will Work
Hello everyone! I want to take a little time to clear up how the rewards for the first month will work. Since the Patreon was started at the end of December, the payments will be charged at the start of January. That makes January the first full month of Patreon. There will be a Cooking with Frag episode on Jan. 4th. After that, Matt has a vacation that happens every year during January and he will be back January 21st. At that time, the ferret postcard, silly beard day, the newsletter, the suggestion pick game, the google hang out reward, the Youtube video reward and wizard mode will be completed. (Not all on the same day of course!) If we find time during the vacation, we may complete some of the rewards like the newsletter and postcard. January is the only month that the timing will be a little 'off' for the rewards, the rest of the year everything will be done in a spread out but timely manner so people can enjoy the rewards a little at a time! He did wear ornaments in his beard on Christmas but that was a test run and for fun, it was not silly beard day for the Patreon. We will try to announce on this feed when a *special* event is going to happen. The stream will also be uploaded to Youtube and posted under the creations tab so people can enjoy it even if they are away. Thank you everyone for the big showing of support. We are continually talking about the Patreon and hope to keep things interesting for everyone! Please feel free to post ideas of things you would like to see on the Patreon. We are open for suggestions! Thanks again! -ThePrixie