How Soon Is Now?

My new book,

How Soon Is Now?

, comes out in February from Watkins Press in the US and UK. In the book, I look at the ecological crisis as a collective rite of passage or initiation for humanity. We will either make an evolution to another level of consciousness as a species - transforming our technical, industrial, and social systems in the process  - or we will undergo a devastating collapse due to species extinction and accelerated climate change. The book offers a strategic plan of action for making this rapid transition.

The book is already garnering some wonderful endorsements. Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution, writes:

Not only is It " Sooner than You Think," it's also later than you think. Here we are, humanity, caught in the moment between devolution and conscious evolution by choice not chance.  Daniel Pinchbeck's new book takes us to this exact inflection point and reveals  in remarkable clarity and brilliance, We Do Know What To Do in almost every field from spiritual to social to environmental innovations arising everywhere. He asks the Great Question: Then why are we not doing it?  Let's all read it and say Yes to what we do know  How to do.  Let's form humanity's Burning Man team  and light the fire of love in action together NOW!

Sting has contributed a preface to the book. In it, he writes:

How Soon Is Now? gives us the context we need to understand the chaos and turbulence of our times. For me, the take-home is the idea that the biospheric emergency facing us in somehow wired into our DNA, forcing us to make an evolutionary leap as a species. I find that a compelling way to look at our perilous situation which takes us beyond the stale rhetoric of political parties.

One thing I appreciate about this book, is Daniel’s no-blame stance, which could be more strategically effective for bringing about change than calling out the usual scapegoats. While we can’t let some of our more egregious corporate offenders off the hook, the more important point is that we and they are all part of the same system—a system that itself needs a redesign. Likewise, Daniel’s even-handed overview of revolution and its often disastrous results points to a new wisdom.

As Daniel points out in How Soon Is Now?, despite the very real dangers we face, the potential during this time is enormous. But we can only realize it by finding the courage to face the threats to our existence on this planet and come together to act as one.

Over the next months, I will be working on building a marketing campaign for the book. Watkins is a small publisher and therefore we are still seeking more resources to create videos, podcasts, etcetera. Revenues from Patreon will help us share the ideas from this book to the world. I will also be posting some excerpts from the book here.

If you are already a supporter, thank you for your support! If this project inspires you, please contribute whatever feels right to you to its further success.