How Soon Is Now? Website Launched
We have just launched the website for my book, How Soon Is Now? Please check it out here and feel free to offer feedback or ideas in the comments below:

The book features an introduction from Russell Brand and a preface from Sting. 

How Soon Is Now? has been getting many wonderful endorsements, including this one from John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man): 

"Daniel Pinchbeck’s life is the hero’s journey. Like Homer’s Odyssey, How Soon Is Now? is a song of redemption for a world torn apart by the monsters of our own creation. We’ve dreamed a world that is consuming itself into extinction. Pinchbeck offers us a new dream and in doing so takes us on a powerful, magical voyage into balance and sanity."

This website was created with the kind and generous assistance of my Patreon supporters and a wonderful volunteer team. We are now seeking to build a media campaign for the book, which will include short videos, audio podcasts, Facebook Live broadcasts, and so on. Please consider contributing to this campaign so we will have funds to experiment with ways to get the book's message out into the world. 

Thank you,