How do I download your tracks?

Okay, let me shed some light on anyone who doesn't know how to download stuff from here, just yet! That's totally okay, if you're new and still getting the hang of things here.

Posts are allocated to each level of rewards by price. If you choose $1 per month, you'll get to see anything I post allocated to all $1 Patrons, and so forward.

If it's a track, you just click the file name on the bottom of the previewing post where you can play and hear the track. From there, there's an arrow that points downwards on the right side of the track that opens in a new tab; click that down arrow, and your download will start :D

Don't forget, $20+ get all my tracks to download for free (if there are any posted on Soundcloud that I haven't made available here, just let me know and I'll put it up for you to download)
$50+ Patrons get access to all my UNRELEASED content, AS WELL as released content. This means, $50+ get to add all my bad tracks, not yet released tracks, and never to be released tracks to their collections! It's my special thanks to my top contributors! This means that no matter what my track sounds like once it's finished; it's yours!

I know posts for the public, and under $20 are a bit limited at the moment, but that's because I don't currently have enough funding to put towards a regularly rewarding system for too low of values just yet. The further I go with my content, the more I will begin releasing more spaciously out to all my contributors of every rank! But, patience is key, as I am not professional yet and I'm still putting a lot of efforts into learning a lot of new things when it comes to producing, writing and mixing music.

In the meantime, I will do my best to find as much as possible to post for you all. Thank you everyone who's following my updates here, and has taken the time to read my posts <3 you are a superstar <3