How To Be Successful ... I Think :)
Step 1 : Stop Complaining About Waking Up In The Morning.

I know, I know. I'm insane. How dare I suggest such a ridiculous thing! You've been doing it your whole life, everyone else you know complains about it too and everything that your brain has ever been exposed to has caused you to believe that this is a perfectly acceptable behavior. I mean to be honest everything you’ve been exposed to your whole life has probably encouraged this behavior.

For YEEEEAAAAARRRSSS I complained about having to get up early (7:00am sooo not early) how I, “didn’t wanna get up” and how I only wanted, “five more minutes.” Okay well we all know that five minute thing is a lie and quite frankly the fact that you want to stay dreaming and my hypothesis on that is an entirely different story for an entirely different day.

Today I want to ask you this: why is waking up so difficult for you? 
Is your life not worth waking up for?

Let me tell you something when I wake up in the morning and I become consciously aware that I am me, that these are the things I get to do and that this is the life I get to live I WAKE UP YALL because I am excited! I am totally in love with my life so when I wake up to it I am filled with gratitude, self worth and a determination to create a magical day for myself. When you have that kind of kickstart in your day you learn you don’t need coffee.

Now that being said I haven’t given up coffee yet! It still helps wake up sometimes. Also, I don’t wake up every single day feeling 100%. I still have some off days but the good days significantly outweigh the not so good days.

You didn’t have to wake up this morning but you did. You have been given another day here on this beautiful planet. You have been given another chance to experience our glorious world. You have been given another day of life. Will you live it?

I think a great place to start is realizing that everyday is a gift. If you receive a gift, you say thank you.

Be grateful. 
Be well. 
<3 Amber-Tiana