How To Defeat An Iconic Movie Hero | Ep 299

Last year, we debated on how, if we were to drop ourselves into a movie, we could defeat an iconic movie villain. It was a difficult task, though with a little creativity and a box of flies, we were able to fend off evil fairly successfully. 

This year, we wanted to turn the tables. The villains rarely win, which means heroes are far more difficult to bring down. Therefore, on this episode we put ourselves firmly in the shoes of supervillains and megalomaniacs everywhere and determine exactly how we would bring down iconic movie heroes such as Iron Man, Batman, Harry Potter, James Bond, and even Luke Skywalker! 

That’s not nearly everything. We also have a report from RRStar.com reporter Adam Poulisse on Sundance and films Hereditary, Minding the Gap, and Piercing; discussion on Oscar snubs, Netflix’s goal to change the industry, MoviePass’ latest move, and Breaking Bad’s anniversary; as well as reviews of Open House and Hostiles. 

Join in on our conversation and listen to the latest episode of The Hollywood Outsider.

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

(0:00 – 30:31) Film and TV Discussion: Do the Oscars really snub, MoviePass gets into the business of making movies, Netflix is changing the theater experience, and Breaking Bad turns 10

(30:32 – 53:49) Sundance Report from Entertainment Reporter Adam Poulisse | Spoiler-free Reviews of Open House and Hostiles

(53:50 – 59:49) Upcoming Releases: Winchester, Braven, Victor Crowley, Woody Woodpecker | What’s This Movie

(59:50 – 1:34:26) From the Outside In Topic: How To Defeat An Iconic Movie Hero

(1:34:27 – 1:48:11) Recommendations | Closing