How To Draw Cartoon Hands
 Some people do ask me now and again "How the hell do you draw hands so well?! I can barely do it!"

Well here's a little guide to help you. 
I can only show you what I do, I can't really "explain" it to what is already shown
Sometimes people just need a good diagram picture to help them understand to some degree. 
These are how I draw my cartoon hands, mostly Bendy and any cartoon like a Disney Style. 
But most hands even other cartoon hands mostly work in the same concept.
I can't exactly draw human hands though, those are harder lol. 
Once I do learn though I'll gladly show you.
For now, this is a good indication. 

If there's any other positions of the hand that you still need help in or want a guided picture, I'll gladly do it for you guys. 

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