How To Draw Video Intro Picture
 Obviously those "How To Draw" pictures will be going into a video, but I needed something nice to start it off,
So I came up with this lil picture.
Each time I do a "How To Draw" with another character, they'll be sitting besides me 
Of course the little devil would want to sit by me to make sure everything is fine and dandy. 
Ah and the reason I have glasses is because well...because I have glasses lol. I need them.
I even got my bigger nerdier glasses yesterday. So now they're bigger and nerdier lol

Bendy: Remember to draw me good, toots
Me: Will do
Bendy: And don't forget any features! Especially the bow!
Me: I won't
Bendy: And try to make my head look decent this time, ya sometimes mess it up!
Me: I'll do my best ya little devil. 

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