How To Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing And Redirecting Issue
Blogging is one of the major platform which allow user to express one’s view, share an idea as well as promote a cause. There are many blogging platforms. But no one come close in popularity than WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading  blogging platform in the world where user from different parts of the world use  it as a medium to interact with other individual, communities  through their  various social post either through blogging.  It is one of the most vital tool to spread awareness or to organize influence or promote an individual service.

WordPress is one of the top notch sites with quite a wide popularity with having more than 40 millions user base.  With its various tools it enables the user to engage its audience through use of various social networking sites. It also provides various plugging so that user can get enrich experience as well as promote their piece.  

But sometimes occasionally user do face problems like, wordpress login page refreshing and redirecting issues then in that case one can take the help of technical support or follow these simple procedure to fix the glitches which is  creating the problem :

·         First of all, clear all your cookies in order to resolve login authentication issues. Clear your cookies and cache and make sure that your browser cookies are enabled.

·         Then one need to deactivate all the plugins as issue might result due to clash between two pluggins.

·         In order to deactivate the accounts all your wordpress pluggins, connect to your web hosting platform using FTP client and Rename it as /wp-content/plugins/ directory to plugins_backup. This will deactivate all WordPress plugins installed on your website.

·         There might be another reason for it if you have installed new themes so there might result in a problem.  So in order to check whether the theme is creating a problem then one need to deactivate your theme. In order to deactivate  them just go to/wp-content/themes/directory and rename your current theme directory to anything.

·          Occasionally user also get these issue due to   .htaccess file when  get corrupted which might be the result of internal server error or login page refreshing issues. One need to simply access your website through FTP client and backup the .htaccess files in your computer and then completely delete it from your website root directory. Then try to login which can result in internal server errors or login page refreshing error. Simply access your website through FTP. Backup the .htaccess files in your computer and then deletes it from your website’s root directory.

If one faces any issue regarding fixing of the error then one can  easily contact Wordpress technical support number. Their technical support team will help you to make sure that your problem is resolved on immediate basis without any further delay.  Their team work 24*7/365 days to make sure that once issue get resolved.


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