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Apr 26, 2021

This public post was updated on 17.12.2021

Hello everyone.

This is the latest public release of How to Fix the Future. I hope you'll love it. And If you do, please consider supporting me. Thank you.

Download here:

EN\RU version for PC | EN\RU version for MAC | EN\RU version for Android


v0.2.2(Chapter 1, Part Two):

  • 413 Full-HD renders.
  • 1 Full-HD animation.
  • 6 music tracks.
  • 5 sound effects.
  • Implemented a new save feature. Now when you save your game it'll be named automatically. It'll add a description of current progress and choice that has been made. For example, "Ch1, Sc9, Home, Trust Them". You also always can type any name you like.
  • Added notifications. Now you'll see a notification when info about a character is updated, when you unlock special renders and scenes, when your choice enable or disable a specific fetish and when your choice will have weight for a character.
  • Small UI changes.
  • Small changes in previous scenes.


  • Added one more option to trans scene and changed MC attitude towards her if you chose to react more neutral. Including MC thoughts during the breakfast and the dialogue with Riley where MC mentions this if you choose to evade her question.
  • Added a completely new route and outcome for the final scene of v0.2 (31 new renders). Now your previous choices weigh more, and you can defy Octavia and avoid Liu scene if you're not interested.
  • Fixed typos in both EN and RU versions.

v0.2 (Chapter 1, Part One):

  • 400+ Full HD renders.
  • 10 Full HD animations.
  • Changed all music and sound effects from Intro.
  • Added photo gallery.
  • Added scene replay gallery.
  • Added statistics and information screen.
  • Redone animations from Intro. Now they run more smoothly with higher fps.
  • Completely redone EN translation for Intro.
  • Fixed typos for RU version.
  • Added language selection in preferences.
  • Changed unclear dom/sub variables to depravity and virtue. They define your nature, nothing more.
  • Rebalanced some choices and their impact on the score.
  • The choices and points system has been completely reworked. So you will need to start a new game. But you only have to do it once. The new system works this way, that you won't have to start a new game ever again, even if some changes in points or variables will be made in the future.
  • Small UI changes.

v0.1 (Intro):

  • 330 Full HD renders.
  • 7 HD animations.
  • 22 songs.
  • 20 sound effects.

Have fun and stay safe.


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