How to join the Discord server!

Hi! A few people have asked about the fancy new Discord server. If you're a new patron, you should've received an invite when you signed up. If you've been a patron for a while, there are some quick steps to take in order to get your Discord account connected and join the server. Here's everything you need to know?

What's Discord? 

It's a text and voice chat server, basically. Communities can setup their own servers and channels to hang out, talk about stuff, and play games together. Here are some more details:

How do I get access? Everyone who is a patron at the level of $1 or more gets access to the server. A few notes: 

  • You have to choose a reward tier. If you currently support the show but have chosen not to get any rewards, you'll need to change that. Discord access is connected and controlled automaticcaly through Patreon based on reward tiers
  • You need to connect your Discord account to your Patreon account in your Patreon settings if you haven't already.

How do I get a Discord account? Sign up for Discord here.

How do I connect my Discord account to my Patreon? Check out the Patreon support doc here. 

I've connected my Discord account, but I haven't gotten the link! If you're connected and don't receive an invite, try these troubleshooting steps

If those steps don't work, check to make sure:

  • You've chosen a reward tier.
  • Your Patreon payment last month went through. A bounced payment will cut off access.

Hey, I haven't gone through these steps, but I'm a patron. Can you just send me the link or an invite for the Discord?

We could, but it wouldn't work. Access is restricted unless you're invited through Patreon/Discord's system. Going through the steps above might take a few minutes, but it's worth it since it'll set you up for us and any other projects you support here on Patreon in the future!

I've gone through all the steps and it's still not working. Definitely message us. We'll check in with Patreon. Send us your pledge/reward tier level in the message.

Patreon says to tell you your bot is setup wrong. Please let us know your reward tier- it's possible the bot is goofed up for your tier, though we think we've tested them all.

We're excited to see you all on the Discord! Feel free to start organizing your own game nights, and we'll put together some official ones in the future! 

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