How To Know If You Should Hire A Professional Video Production Company Or Just Record On Your Own
Determine when you should really hire a professional video production company, and when you would be totally capable of doing the video on your own with your smart phone! 

In addition to full service video production, we also provide video training. Some clients whom we’ve trained have now wondered, when should you do a video on your own, vs hire us, the pros.  

I say ask yourself these few questions: 

1.Do you enjoy doing the videos? If you enjoy every aspect of creating the videos, then you should just to do them. If you don't like the editing, then perhaps your outsource that area. 

2.Do you want to record any videos with scripts you need to nail? If you're wanted to use a teleprompter then it makes sense to hire a crew, and get multiple videos done in a shorter time span than if you were to try it alone. On the other hand,  If all your videos are going to be easy in terms of scripting, then maybe you can memorize the script or go off the cuff. 

3. Do you want to do something that really wows? If you want to go beyond talking head. If you want to have a drone shot, a motion shot into your office or anything that you can't do on your own, nor should you invest the equipment and training, then it makes sense to hire a crew. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!