How to know if the second hand phone you buy is stolen
When looking for a second-hand phone is many aspects that we consider. The principal will always be the purchase price, but we will also study the state in case it has been used and, of course, the characteristics of the terminal. But we should also be careful about the possibility that we are about to buy a stolen terminal.

Buying a mobile phone that has previously been stolen, even though we are not aware of it, can bring us many negative consequences, so it is always wise to exercise caution before closing the purchase. That's why we're going to try to give you a few tips to avoid getting a phone that has been stolen.

Checking if a phone is stolen is easy with iPhones

The easiest phone to check if it has been stolen is the iPhone. The same Apple launched a few months ago an online tool in which entering the IMEI and a serial number of the phone tells us if it is blocked. With her, there is only ask the seller of the iPhone IMEI and serial number, would not have to show opposition to it, to check their status.

Normally anyone who has suffered theft of an iPhone locks it remotely, so if you check the status of the terminal it appears blocked we should suspect. If the seller is your legitimate owner would not have to have problems to unlock, but if not, we would be almost 100% in front of a stolen terminal.

If the phone we are going to buy is not an iPhone we have few options to check if the phone has been stolen. There is a website with a database of stolen IMEIs, so getting this number on the part of the seller we could do the verification, although it does not reach all stolen phones, so its reliability is reduced.

Question of common logic

Apart from the checks that we mentioned in the previous section, we must apply the common logic before buying a phone. Of course, we should suspect prices well below what the second-hand market pays. To check the average price paid for a second-hand phone we can go to websites or regular applications.

If the phone that we have in mind is quite recent the seller should have a purchase invoice, which also guarantees us the repair of the terminal during his warranty. It is true that sometimes the phones for sale can come from sweepstakes or gifts and the seller does not have an invoice. But we should avoid buying a phone without a purchase invoice.

In the event that we can have the phone in our hands before closing the transaction, we can make a final check. If the phone that we are about to buy is stolen, it is likely that the phone has been blocked so that it can not be used with mobile networks, so inserting a SIM would not let us call or SMS.

And if after buying the phone I discover that it is stolen?

Basically, you'd better prove that you were not aware of getting a mobile phone that had been previously stolen. The conscious purchase of a terminal that has been stolen can imprisonment sentences of six months to two years considered a crime of receipt.

Therefore, it is better to make sure that we have the maximum possible before buying a second-hand mobile from the origin of this, either checking the status of the terminal or demanding the bill to buy if we do not want to have problems with justice. Again, as in other aspects, 100% security does not exist, but following the above tips and logic should be able to avoid getting us with a stolen mobile.