How to make tea for continueing the protest
How to make tea for contineuing the Protest:
Recipe by kest

-You know that little packet of extra tea someone gave you that you've been saving for a special day?
-This is that day.
-Make yourself a super delicious pot of tea.
-Don't skimp on the leaves, make it as strong as you want.
-Get out that extra pretty teacup you never use because it is so very tiny.
-Pour yourself a cup of tea.
-Drink it.
-Relax. Enjoy your tea.
-Pour yourself another cup.
-While you sip it, look up the phone numbers for all your local reps.
-This might take a couple cups; don't stop with just your Senator and Congressman. Get numbers for your mayor and your governer and your alderman, and everyone else you vote for (within reason).
-Pour another cup while you gather your words. It's up to you whether this means "think of things to say" or "look up a script".
-Pour another cup. Dial the first number.
-Take tiny sips while on hold. The tea will lose its relaxing effect if you find yourself having to spit it out when a staffer answers.
-Take one cup per call. If you need to, take a cup in between each call. This is why you got out that tiny cup.
-Get through as much of the list as you can, but no shame if you don't reach everyone. Put a checkmark next to each name as you get through.
-Tomorrow you will make another pot, and get out your tiny cup again, and tomorrow you can start with the unchecked ones.