How to Modify a Dahle Sharpener 133
For all my Pencil Freaks and Geeks...

Here is my PDF of how I modify a Dahle 133 sharpener. Most sharpeners can be modified like this if they have a "lead stop." If you sharpen your pencil and it ends up with a flat point instead of a sharp one it probably has a lead stop.... so can possibly be modified. Most sharpeners are for people who write, not draw and the sharp point would snap if you were writing with it all the time.

I have modified both my Dahle and my Carl Angle 5. I own a LOT of different sharpeners and I would like to say that each one gives me a slightly different point and so I use different sharpeners for different techniques or hardness's of leads... but that's not it. I just like to collect sharpeners, and pencils and antique writing/drawing instruments. We all have to have hobbies right?

The benefit of the Carl over the Dahle is that is has an all metal body and lasts longer for me. If you have one of these two, that is all you really need. But who needs just one? Now, the Dahle, because it is plastic, as I sharpen it I can flex the plastic slightly and SOMETIMES I can produce and even sharper point.

It is usually at this point that I think I may be at the bottom of the rabbit hole and am probably the only one here. So come on down if you like. ;)