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How To Optimize your Thumbnails for More Clicks
Hey, patrons! I have a very important YouTube training video for you guys today.

As you know, it doesn't matter how amazing your video content is if someone doesn't feel enticed to click and watch it in the first place. That's why titles and thumbnails are so important.

In fact, a little known secret is that many of YouTube's top creators spend just as much time crafting their thumbnails as they do their actual videos because they understand this principle. Most of them do not flippantly throw up a thumbnail as an afterthought.

Jeremy Vest has taught me a lot about designing good thumbnails that attract views and clicks. In fact, he's worked with many multi-million subscriber channels and has grown them by millions of views per month just by optimizing their thumbnails for them.

And now he gets to teach you, too!

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Have a great weekend!