How to pattern gussets for quadruped characters
New video tutorial is completed for this month's $5+ patrons.

How to pattern gussets for quadruped characters (4 legged). I go over how to custom make your gusset to suit your character. A great thing to learn for plush artists wanting to learn to make their own patterns. 

$5+ patrons this month will also get: 

Part 2 of my multi part series covering how I pattern Cynder's first pass in photoshop. I go over my patterning techniques when creating a new quadrupedal character from scratch. I have had a LOT of requests to see the patterning process, so here is your chance. This video covers her body patterning.

Videos will be sent out on the 5th of next month once payments for this month have processed. 

$10 pledgers will receive ALL my past videos including: 

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