How To Play The Word Is Not The Thing
The Word Is Not The Thing might seem like a really simple game about removing some words on the screen. But the reason for its simplicity is to keep distractions down and maintain a focus on the words. And that's where the fun begins.

So, how does one play the game? 

Basically, use the game to play with your emotions, seeing if you use words to escape from a feeling. 

What does that mean? Stay with a word, observe your own emotional connection to it, remove the word and stay with that feeling while observing how another set of words as explanations instantly come to the rescue. 

So what's the point of that? 

Well, since the game is for going into fear, the feeling behind the word 'fear' is what we're after. So the game attempts to bring that about. Essentially, what we call fear is the escape from this deep down feeling. 

But don't take my word for it, find out for yourself. 

So why allow yourself to feel this fear? 

If you're always running away, you'll never be free of the actual feeling from which you escape, from which we all escape. And without being free of the fact of that feeling, you will continue, throughout your daily life, to act out of the need to escape from it, which is fear. You will continue to act out of fear instead of acting out of the understanding of this whole mechanism of escape, which is freedom. 

So yes, there are just a bunch of words to destroy on the screen, sure. But you can use The Word Is Not The Thing for so much more. 

Now you may have to do a little work, but it's not too difficult to use the game for all this. 

If you say to yourself that yes, you do see that you use words to escape, the moment you say it you're back into the same mechanism again only with another set of words in which you're dependent upon. 

So don't go so quickly into conclusions and declarations. Discover for yourself what happens when you actually, not just intellectually or verbally, understand that the word is never the thing. That's the quality of mind that changes things.