How to propagate Jade plants from cuttings
Hi Everyone!

I have a new Jade video. :) It is about how I propagate Jade plants.

This time I have pruned back my smaller kind of Jade plant. This Jade is smaller and has more darker green leaves than the ones I keep in the living room.

I will use the stem and leaf cuttings to grow some new Jades. In this video I explain the process of the propagation. In later updates you can see how I planted them and how I keep them.

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How to propagate and grow Jade plants from leaf and stem cuttings:

- Get some stem cuttings

- Remove the lower leaves from the stem cutting (but leave at least two pairs of leaves on the stem)

- Let the wound of the cut heal on the stem for two days

- Place the stem cutting into soil, don't water it for a week or two. Let the plant grow some roots first.

- You can place the leaf cuttings onto soil right away. Spray water on them when needed.