How To Still Link To Your Products & Services After YouTube Update 2017
Need to find a work around to link to your website as you grow your views? This video briefly explains how to still link to your products & services to your website after the YouTube Update. 

As I recently shared, unless you are a part of the YouTube Partner Program and have 10 thousand views, you will no longer be able to link to your website. Yes, even if you had an associated website you were already linking before. 

You can however link to a full list of approved retailer sites like Etsy, Eventbrite and Zazzle, as well as link to supporting crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo and Patreon. YouTube supplies the full list of vendors so in the meantime, as you’re working on those 10 thousand views, at least you can look and see which other sites you can use to plug your products and services. 

I hope this tip give you some motivation to get some internal video marketing done this weekend. There is bound to be a third party approved site that you can link to and benefit from right away as you work to build your channel. You may be surprised by the success you get adding another site to your marketing. 

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