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How to Use Hair Beads, plus a GIVEAWAY
This month's hair tricks video teaches you quickly how to use hair beads in your styles like I often do. 

PLUS, to help promote the bead shop I'm featuring in this video, I'm hosting a giveaway for a hair bead kit from Widdershins Hair Beads on Etsy! 

Like always, I'll give away one kit to my general subscriber base, but since you guys are Patrons and I want to show my appreciation (seriously, you all are the best), I'll do a second random giveaway just for you all! I'll do a random draw on January 6 to decide who will get it. Everyone is automatically entered so let me know if you don't want to receive any hair beads. 

 Finally, keep a look out on this page on Christmas. I feel bad that I haven't given you as many videos this fall as normal, so I'll be doing a special 12 Days of Christmas event with one video a day for twelve days straight to make up for it. Stay tuned to see that. 

Happy holidays!