How To Use Warm And Cool Colors Video Coming soon!
  ***UPDATE: You can find the video here:

Your July Art Exploration video for you guys on the $5 Swirls and Circles tier, and above, is just uploading now, so it will be with you tomorrow!

I thought that this month we could explore color! And as it is such a big subject I'm going to break it down into smaller chunks. So for this first dig into color we are exploring using warm and cool colors in our work.

We are going to look at which are the warm and cool colors and why they are useful to us. Then I have some practical examples of how you can use them, to start you off and get you experimenting more consciously with them! 

So if you are on the $5+ tiers keep an eye on your inboxes tomorrow for the notification of when that is up and ready to watch.

In the meantime let me know what your favourite colors are! I'm a bit partial to turquoises, teals and aquas (which I may have mentioned before :D) But I also love coral reds too! Mmm Teal and Coral Red - now that combo sounds familiar (oh yes! It's the name of my $1 tier :D)!

Have lots of color fun today!

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