How We Can Be #RealEducationMatters#REM

Oscar A.8 months ago

I hate seeing comments like "i miss the old Kanye or he has always been an asshole and has had big ego" Kanye it the only person to have the confidence in himself to think he is the greatest and guess what? HIs past 8 albums prove he was right. I don't see the problem with thinking so highly of yourself, in fact we should all be like this. Be confident within ourselves to want to follow our dreams or aspirations. Muhammed Ali had a big ass ego also saying he was going to win and that he was the best and everyone loved him, but when Kanye does it he is being an "asshole" Honestly get your head out of your ass if you think Kanye is an asshole or isn't talented.  808's and Heartbreak was and still is ahead of its time just like Yeezus. Most people who don't like Yeezus now will go back and say this is where it all began. Kanye is changing the sound of Hip-hop/rap whether you like it or not.