I'm getting great feedback from Chapter 3 of Hell and the Sea. If you haven't downloaded yours yet and you are a patron, just go to the HATS Chapter 3 download post and follow the link. Thanks to those of you who have gone out of your way to comment on that post!

I'm going to be recording the video for those on the $5 (and above) patronage probably tomorrow or Monday, and I'll also be writing the special and revelatory email to those of you who are on the $10 level which will go out next week. I really love that so many of you are loving the story. I've been getting feedback from some peoiple I really trust and whose opinions I respect and so far the comments have been humbling and eye-opening to me. Some of the private discussions have been very enlightening and I wish there was more of that on the post, but I understand that some people are not comfortable with that... yet. Hopefully as the story develops and people can see the videos and read other discussions it'll spark a good coversation.

On to Chapter 4!


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