Well now, look at you stumbling onto this page! Welcome.

Since this is my first post, I'll make this relatively short; Obviously, the name's SheyGrell & I'm an aspiring voice actor + video/audio editor who believes in earning what they get. I'm far from the most experienced or skilled, but I've been doing this stuff for over 3 years now, so I'm definitely not clueless. I've decided to start up this account in a desperate attempt to make this a living, due to various complications in my own life. And so, here we are going over some of the stuff I've done.

I would like to present my latest voiceover related project, which took nearly a month to assemble because of how much went into it. Hopefully, this should provide a small taste of the things I can do, both in terms of voice acting & editing, as well as some mixing.

A recent update will be posted as well, detailing how much goes into these videos, Do keep an eye out for it, as awkward as I might be while Vlogging >.>