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The Howling Cavern
Having broken from my normal maps for a bit, I now venture back into the more common, and I think likely, more popular dungeon/cavern maps. I wanted to create something that would be a nightmare to map and understand as a player with twisting turns, passages that overlap and trapdoors that allow passage between levels. I think I accomplished that. The Howling Cavern Once used as a hideout for local bandits that raid the King's Highway. Once the Kingdom fell chaos swiftly swept the land and the creatures of darkness moved in with a ferocity not seen since the Second Era. Goblins first appeared and took made the cavern their home. Their reign was short lived however as shortly thereafter a tribe of gnolls led by a particularly vicious but sly warrior named Zvarnik. He is devious and cruel, enslaving the surviving goblins and use them as servants most often. Occasionally when food becomes scarce, they may also become dinner. The gnolls have been raiding up and down the road and have amassed a good quantity of riches and treasure. This is especially troubling as this has caused additional gnolls to their cause and it seems daily their numbers swell. Zvarnik has had trouble controlling the creatures and has been able to control them with promises of additional wealth as well as sending them out on raiding parties (during which a few gnolls will be lost and thin the ranks slightly), but they are becoming more rowdy and boisterous as the days go by. It is said the Horn of Deslevatory was lost in transport along the Highway and was lost to a gnoll raid. It is presumed to still reside within the cavern. The Arch Bishop of Hothspine has offered a great reward for its return to the chapel.