Sci-fi author Brian Aldiss sadly died a few days ago, shortly after his  92nd birthday. "Helliconia Spring" remains my favourite of his works;  many years ago, when I was in the 5th year of secondary school (so,  penultimate year before leaving), I used to doodle little hoxneys in the  margins of my English schoolwork (to the bemusement of my English  teacher). Hoxneys were these horse-like creatures that emerged from  dormancy as the planet Helliconia warmed up, and they were described as  being striped.

I suppose it was meant they were striped like a  tiger, but I always envisioned them as being somewhat like a toed  version of a prehistoric horse, like merrychippus, with bright coloured  stripes going down their backs.

So, in honour of Brian Aldiss, I've drawn a hoxney in the style I used to do them.