hqtrilogy log nr. 27
I haven't had that much time in the last few days (been doing lots of music and other stuff), but I still managed to do (at least) the two following things.

1) I thought about the map that connects all three parts and made a little sketch while on the train. The top sketch is just one room and there are three "doors" that connect to either part. In the front there are cubes that represent each part (and other little things that show the respective style). I might even add some sound when going closer, but yeah. I wasn't happy with the flat layout. I thought about doing it in a triangle room sort of, but then you can't really make a nice screenshot of it. :D

So, I made a second sketch that shows the left and right corridors at a 45° angle. I think that will work quite well.

Each corridor will have a little door to the side that leads to each part's tutorial. The entrances to the main maps will be teleporters (probably), similar to those in Quake 1 (and Halfquake 1). Or it could just be whatever suits best.

Not sure what to do on the opposite wall, either just continue placing decorations from each part, or add more game choices, like the developer commentary mode, or some kind of progress thingy similar to Antichamber (however I'm not sure if that would work 100% with HL global variables - still need to test those).

That's it so far for the map selection area.

2) I started applying the sound patch from the buttons for the doors, but - as customary - couldn't get it to work, since it functions just a tiny bit differently. At least, that was my first guess. The problem wasn't the calling of the new function, but the function's existence. Maybe because I was screwing up pointers again.

const * curse = "It's always the pointers!";

Now Half-Life crashes on startup, just because I added a function that doesn't even get called yet. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'll figure it out, even if it's the last thing I'll do. :D

To be continued... (<