hqtrilogy log nr. 36

Apr 3, 2018

For this log entry I just wrote something whenever I finished a task, so basically every paragraph is a different day / work session.

* I've got confirmation of the seventh artist, and received images without water marks by another. I've looked through a portfolio of yet another artist who has allowed the usage of ANY of his artworks, and picked out the ones that will fit. Finally, I looked carefully at each of the provided artworks and assigned a spot. Everything is planned now. All that's left to do is put everything in the game. When this is done, I'll be able to close five open issues on my github tracker :D

* I started replacing all copyrighted textures: The first texture to get replaced was the H.R. Giger texture in hq2_12, then I replaced all other three textures directly in the WAD file. Next, I replaced all Manson textures that were hidden as easter eggs, and deleted the Manson textures that were used in the house of HQ1 (including the 5 CDs on the table). Those images will be replaced by completely new brush work.

* I went on to delete all other textures that were used as framed paintings in the house; each replacement will be placed individually with a new frame. I converted all new images into Half-Life compatible textures (21 new ones). There will be a few more later on, but I will implement these first.

* All copyrighted textures have now been replaced or deleted. I've redecorated the house a bit while implementing the new images. Might be a bit too "spooky" now, but I'll adjust that later on.

Side note: A funny bug occurred due to the texture "WHITE" now giving off light (supposed to do so for HQ2, but not for HQ1) - the toilet paper was suddenly glowing. I mean, I get it, it's a lot easier to find this way, but yeah. xD

* I've started making the mod selection map and recorded a video doing so. I set myself a time limit, so what you're seeing in the video is one hour condensed into seven minutes.

At first I was using all texture WAD files (there is one for each mod), but near the end I stumbled upon an issue where textures like "wall2" and others have the same name, so Hammer obviously got confused. I remembered that I had already added some textures from HQ1 and HQ2 into the WAD file of HQ3 for all the accidents and the final Somos fight, so I simply used hq3.wad and replaced all the HQ1 and HQ2 textures to remove all conflicts.

There is still a lot that I want to do with this map (add a bunch of details, and of course the level change triggers, and other possible exits), but I think it's a good base to build on.

* I've continued playing the new song and recorded more sounds for the percussion line. Haven't gotten around to make an actual first version yet, but I feel like doing it preeeeetty soon.

That's it for the past week! I'm 99% sure that I won't be posting anything next week (I'm officially getting married), but I might prepare something in advance. In any case, I'll be back on April 16th with more news.

To be continued... (<

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