hqtrilogy log nr. 38
I'm back! :D

I skipped last week because I only had very minor things to mention, and it was a rather stressful bunch of days. But nevermind that, here's what I did in the past week!

* The Big News: I've contacted Valve again, and they got in touch! We've come to an agreement that the best solution is to release it as a modification for Half-Life, instead of standalone. I'm not sure how this news will be received by you all, but for me personally this is huge and seeing the shop preview page got my adrenaline pumping like mad. :D I've got newfound energy reserves that will keep me awake at night to finish it all as soon as possible (never dismiss the "project is almost done" energy xD). I think it's worth repeating: The game has been approved, it can be released as soon as all the changes are done.

* I've worked for many hours on the new song "three thousand years", it features about a dozen layers of percussion which I think is a new record for me personally. xD I added a bunch of samples from the previous contrabass recordings for added "weight", and even sang a few words. I listened to it a lot on my trip, during breaks, in my car - whenever I could, really. And my brain had it on autoplay almost the entire week (that's normal), just to see if it can figure out new things to add. You can listen to the current version at the bottom of this post, if you wish. Otherwise you can just wait for the final loop to appear in the game.

* I've made a video and several screenshots of all the art that has been included in the game and sent it to all involved artists. I can say with great relief that all of them were happy with how their art was represented, but since I signed a contract and other written agreements, this is not the place where I can share these images, so you will have to wait until the game is released. This took quite a bit of time, but I'm very happy about the end result and relieved that everyone is excited about how it all turned out. I may have made new friends along the way. :D

* I've drawn a bunch of new sketches for the starting area, mostly for the ceiling and the surroundings (they're really rough, so uh, yeah xD). Once the new song is 100% done, I'll probably continue working on that particular area and maybe even record another video.

* I "rescued" my grandfather's Harmonium (a Hohner Organetta 3 which I used for Vain Attempt) and brought it back with me to Vienna. I will probably use it some more for another piece, because I like the sound so much.

Other then the starting area, here's what else is coming up:

1) Third and final song for the music box, for which I already have a vague idea. I know I say this often, but I'm very excited about it :D

2) More song replacements that will most certainly involve collaborations.

3) Add easter eggs. :D

And that's as far as these prophecy glasses allow me to see into the future.

Thanks for all your patience! Hope you're all doing fine.

To be continued... (<