hqtrilogy log nr. 40
My friend KeshaFilm has given me the Sound Recorder as a separate file, which also works in Windows 7 (it's a patched version!). I've looked for this everywhere and for some reason it either didn't work or I only found shady websites that were keen on destroying my PC. So, at least I don't have to use VMWare anymore to convert my sound files for Half-Life, which saves a lot of time!

I made a list of explosions in all maps, and there are about 250 env_explosion entities in total. Now I can either go through them manually and add an env_model with the same names and with the required explosion sprites, or try to do it programmatically. Honestly, 250 entities doesn't sound too bad (some traps in HQS probably have more than that xD). I could start doing it in batches and listen to podcasts or something. It's a safe way to do this and doesn't result in any weird HL errors, because that is the last thing I'd need right now. :D

I continued working on the starting area (here's another time-lapse video). Still have to add sound, some lights, trigger_changelevels (for hq1, hq2, hq3 and "training" maps), but other than that I think it's close to being done.

Afterwards, I'll continue replacing copyrighted music and start uploading the whole thing to Steam to check out if everything works!

Keep your fingers crossed :D

To be continued... (<