[HS] Hairs2Wigs 3.0
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Made 3 gradient hairs at head accessories slot.

Ivy from SoulCaliber, 2B from Nier, Motoko from Ghost in the Shell. All ported by roy12 sama. I added the gradient hair color just for fun. Colors can be changed if you have 4.28DLC installed.


Update log: 


  • All Roy12's hairs updated to Ciri(Aug 10th). 
  • [S1^] -->> newly added Roy's hairs
  • [S1*] -->> edited by SupaCyan
  • 3 gradient hairs at head accessories slot. 
  • Additionally I added Saw2008's 90 hairs to this package.
  • Added Maria Anderson's hair from SB3. Ported by someone in a Chinese forum. I can't remember who now.
  • No need to download previous version. Its all in one.
  • 280mb file download. 1.6GB after uncompressed, make sure your have enough volume.

3.0 DOWNLOAD links:



Copy abdata to your game folder. Override if you have my previous version. 4.28 DLC MUST BE INSTALLED for the mod to work!!!

Q: Do you have permission to reposting Roy12's and Saw2008's mods.
A: I asked them previously explicitly about this. They both replied it's OK.

Q: Where to find my top, leggings and shoes?
A: You can find my  top, leggings, converse shoes at my Patreon.