[HS] Jill Valentine - Resident Evil 5 GE
Jill is finally done :) The clothes gave me no trouble, after all it is just a jumpsuit. So i put the spare time i had saved on the outfit into making the head more authentic. I think the shape of the face as almost perfectly the same as in the game, with exact same eyes too. I found the nose a bit wide at first, so i double checked and it is exactly like this in the game too :/

Had some weird issue with the eyes / chest device not equipping on first load, on one of the test, if this happens just reequip them. But most likely i managed to fix this.

Poll closure will be extended till tomorrow (Sunday) noon, in hopes of getting a tie breaker for the second place.

Required Mods: - links included in readme.txt

  • HS_MoreSlotID_v1.3
  • HS_GGmod_v1.6.1
  • HS_WideSlider_v0.8.3


@[email protected]#f'J8)bc98fw


  • Head  - 200256900
  • Eyes  - 254256909
  • Hair front  - 202256907
  • Hair back  - 201256905
  • Gloves  - 212256901
  • Shoes  - 215256902
  • Leggings  - 214256906
  • Swimsuit  - 209256903
  • Swimsuit bottom  - 211256904
  • Swimsuit top  - 210256908

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