[HS/KK] Timeline 1.1.0

Finally a new version! I'd like to thank everyone who made suggestions and reported bugs since the last public release, thanks to that I pushed this tool even further. Anyway let's see what's new.

What's new?

For HS:

- Keyframes multi edit. This means you can select multiple keyframes and edit them all at the same time (some operations are limited however, like setting two keyframes at the same time while they are on the same line). Just try it you'll see.

- Because of that last feature, "Auto save" is now enabled all the time (yeah, sorry if you liked saving manually... wait what am I saying nobody liked that, it was a pretty terrible thing to begin with).

- It's now possible to select keyframes with a "selection box" like you would select multiple files in the explorer.

- It's now possible to disable/enable groups when right clicking them. 

- It's now possible to disable/enable selected interpolables when right clicking them.

- Scrubbing the black bar will now correctly move your camera if it's being interpolated.

- An "Animation Pattern" Interpolable was added.

- The keyframe selection can now be scaled with alt + scroll. That means you can make them closer or further apart.

- Added new interpolable context menu options to select all keyframes, select all keyframes before the cursor, select all keyframes after the cursor (works on groups as well).

- Added a new group context menu option to select all interpolables under that group (and sub groups).

- Remember how you can find the GuideObject linked to a certain interpolable? Well now you can do the opposite: holding alt when selecting a GuideObject will highlight the linked interpolable for a few seconds.

- Ctrl + x can now be used to cut keyframes.

- Paste insert: holding alt while pasting keyframes (ctrl + alt + v) will move existing keyframes to the right so there is enough space to paste your selection.

- Void cut/delete: holding alt while cutting/deleting keyframes will move existing keyframes to the left so it fills up the blank space

- A new "Drag At Current Time" button in the keyframe window. This one is similar to "Use Current Time" except it keeps the shape of the selection when there are multiple keyframes selected (it's the same thing as dragging with alt + click really).

- Fixed a bug where pasting the same set of copied keyframes multiple times would result in those keyframes not being duplicated correctly. 

- Fixed bugs related to dragging/adding/deleting curve points.

- Fixed so many bugs, I don't even remember at this point.

- Fixed various refresh issues.

For KK:

- Everything. Please watch this or this tutorial (or both, thanks yurikha and Lavalamp for that btw) and make sure to read the whole Help panel. Also, big thanks to everyone who helped me test the early stages of the port.

Finally, here is the new cheatsheet:

Requirements (for first time users)

For HS:

A fully updated game with the 630 patch (under "Game Update"). This is not necessary if you're using the Fakku version with the Extended DLC.

Illusion Plugin Architecture HSExtSave

For KK:

The latest BepInEx 

The latest BepisPlugins 


HS Timeline Version 1.1.0 (Mega) 

KK Timeline Version 1.1.0 (Mega) 

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