[HS] Leggings 2.0 with double color customization

This is leggings2.0. version 1.0 was released on HF. If you have the previous version, override the file when copy paste. Comparing to the previous version. I converted all of them using PBRsp_3mask_alpha shader, a new shader from the New DLC.  Allowing changing two color areas on the same shoes. Hope you enjoy, plz share what you've learned from the new DLC. 


  • Including 10 pairs of double colorable leggins. I made all of the design inspired by internet pictures. 
  • Half undress texture came from UU-GG modder Kims and Zeaska. Kudos to them.
  • Including 9 clothing cards. Get my Converse shoes prior. I dont have my "top mod" release yet, just wait.
  • Comes with on studio scene card. use it with the NEW StudioNEO.
  • First pair of leggings using GG shader from Mayar1. You can change the transparency with the highlight slider.
  • The rest 9 pairs all using PBRsp_3mask_alpha shader. You can change colors of two zones each pair.

PBRsp_3mask_alpha discovery:  

Color_mask file has 3 channels. Black is not a channel, it means blank. 

  • Black  : Primary colorable area. Highlight and glossy available. 
  • Green : Secondary colorable area. Only  glossy available.
  • Blue     : Third colorable area. Not available in the game.
  • Red      : Area that keeps the Maintex color all the time  



Q: Where to find the top clothes and shoes? 

A: Here is the link to my Converse shoes. Some of the tops are from variant places, HF, UUGG, ZOD. Some of them are my unreleased clothing. Ask me if you really want it.  


Copy abdata and userdata folder to the game. Override when needed.  





Modder Resources including all textures and other pictures: