[HS] NBA playoffs clothing 1.1

This was my first mod published on HF. 

NBA Playoffs started 4/15. Made some simple clothing. 

The idea here is to make an NBA dance squad . NBA court map and dresses will be in the future releases. I do not own or associated with NBA logo and Golden State Carriers logo. 


  • Dancers tops (3 in total, one for Warriors) 
  •  NBA faces 2012-2013 season leggings. You can spot Klay Thompson, Russell Westbrook, LBJ and etc.  
  •  Converse Chuck Taylor lowtops. Its a retexture from the one in the game. 


  • I used a mesh technique from [saw2008] to fix the underboobs clothing issue when your girl has large boobs.
  • Mesh from [hffun], but I alter them a lot. Orignal link here 




Have Fun!