My Patroooons! :D Hope you're all well! Are you enjoying the summer? Can't wait to go on vacation end of August. For now I am working as much as possible so I feel good with myself when I go on vacation. hehe I've got news for you! I collaborated with a DJ named Bloom (really nice guy) and he did a remix for Dream Big. He sent me the song few hours ago and of course I immediately wanted to share the news with you!! You can download the remix for Free by clicking this link: If you got any problems with the download let me know and I will send it to you via email. :D This of course isn't the next creation. The next creation is coming in just 3 days from now. Yay! Hope you enjoy this remix. I think it's a beautiful one and the timing was good because it's a great one for summer too I think! Dance to it if u like :D I already did! hehe Btw the secret link for it to YouTube is : Talk to you again in a few days
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