(Hu)Man of Many Hats (ep1): Selling Out...SOLD!
A lot of comics hate doing commercials. I LOVE THEM.
A lot of comics hate commercial auditions. I LOVE THEM.

They say "The auditions are just cattle calls. I never book the part. It's a waste of my time."

I say "Sure I'll come play in front of a camera and show you my goofy talents! Sounds fun!"

They say "This script isn't funny--there's nothing I can do with this writing. It's a waste of my time".

I say "Let me show you how I'd make this funny with my goofery. Camera rolling?"

They say "I'm not a sellout. This is a waste of my time." (Then they go back to performing 10x a week at unpaid shows & still wonder why they are stuck at their corporate day job and can't pay their bills with their comedic art??)

I say "You want to pay me thousands of dollars for a few hours of doing something I love to do (and have done for free thousands of times...shhhh!) that will allow me to pay my bills with comedy instead of continuing to slug away doing unpaid shows 10x week (for exposure! yay!) while working a soul-sucking (booo!) day job? I'm in! Camera's rolling?"

I have had the fantastic opportunity of being paid to have fun in commercials for brands such as Cineplex, Great Clips, Neutrogena, RushCut, Hartford Insurance and many more (see the reel above for some samples). Every shoot has been a ton of fun with a great production team AND I've been paid well (often with residual royalties still rolling in...Cha-Ching!)

Just last week I shot a commercial for Angie's List and it was one of the most fun days on set I have ever had. The spot started out as just a one-liner for me (nothing too glamorous)---but the director was amazing and kept feeding us additional lines and let us improvise a ton of funny stuff. When it was all over we had shot for two hours and probably had enough footage to fill our own half hour sitcom slot. PLUS as a bonus for all that fun, I'm getting a big fat cheque.

If that's selling out, I'm guilty as charged and ready for the next sale...



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