Her sin, her falling-short

was hubris,

they all say.

Arakhne proclaimed herself

a better weaver

than Athene,

and, proven wrong,

asked her goddess

to change her

to teach her humility.

Our sin, our falling-short

is hubris,

no one says.

We are greater than the gods,

we say,

than all gods save one

(or three that some call one),

greater certainly

than Grandmother Gaia.

If we are not careful,

the gods will exact as punishment

what Arakhne asked as lesson.

It will be nothing but our fault,

no one's doing but our own.

The gods simply will not save us,

and the world, its climate changed,

will pass to the next species

wise enough to know

they have much wisdom yet to gain.

Arakhne's children will likely live,

for arachnids all are small,

but Pandora's children

may have doomed


leaving none but the gods

to mourn our passing.