Hey everyone!  And finally, here is the first video!  

In this episode, the topics are:   

1. "How to draw like a boss 101- where you talk about your art"   

2. “Don't try to find your style, let the style find you- tips for up and comers and new artists."  

3. "Nothing is Sovereign in comics- talk about your projects and what it takes to get it to print.”  

Keep in mind this is the first video and it may not be the best. I will get better at it as I make more. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll go over them in the next episode. 

And for my patrons, this video will be free for everyone to see BUT... Every other video that is uploaded in the future, will only be exclusive to my Patreon and the patron’s who pledge $10 a month. That way you guys get more bang for your buck. :)