HUGE changes. PLEASE READ & update pledges!
hey guys!

so BIG CHANGE! i'm making my patreon so that instead of charging you per-creation, it now charges you per- month. so essentially, i could do 4 pages or 5 pages or whatever, and it'll still cost you the same.

this means that the pricing on art rewards are much more clear! instead of having to do math (who likes math) you just can see right away what you gotta pay to get what you want.

BUT!!! patreon doesn't automatically update your pledge amount! so if you were pledgeing 5$ per page, patreon now says you're pledging 5$ per month. 

and you gotta fix that, friends! or else i just went from 'hell yeh i can pay mortgage' to 'wait, how am i gonna food'

update your pledge amounts here ->

or if for some reason that url doesn't work, just use the patreon site proper

this should make stuff easier for all of us!