HUGE changes
listen, you know it, we all know it. This patreon is an utter mess. no schedule, no focus. WELL that is about to change! this month,  i am transitioning this patreon into weekly payments, and also! I have something to share! this weekly payout will have its reward, a new comic! Each week I will post a new strip. BITB is just too inconsistent with updates to warrant a patreon by itself and daily doodles never work out. so a weekly comic (that i've wanted to do for quite some time) is the best answer.

Since its going to be weekly payout i may add some doodles in the middle but thats were the consistency ends. if we get to a certain money amount I may throw in monthly illustrations too but lets not get buck wild okay?

anyways the weekly payout wont be immediate. i will start them as soon as everyone is notified and has contacted me (comment below) that they got the info.