Huge changes to my patreon rewards.
hey there! no don't worry you will be actually getting a lot more now than you did before. Im someone who loves sharing my work with everyone so I changed my rewards dramatically. there are only two rewards now. 1$ rewards and 15$ rewards. I figured I should start small and then go from there. 

If you pledge 1$ you will now be getting:

  • Access to progress shots from both my digital and traditional art that won't be posted anywhere else online.
  • you will get a copy of my digital painting palette.
  • A picture update of whatever is on my working space.
  • Daily updates on my funko customization work.
  • Digital painting tutorials (videos)
  • Digital painting tips and tricks.
  • Speed painting videos that won't be posted to my youtube channel.
  • My digital painting brush set.
  • Psd files of the sketches I use for my paintings so you can try to use them (The are you making using my files shouldn’t be posted as your own art. Please make sure you mention that its based off my work) 

If you pledge 15$ you will be getting: 

  • All the above
  • Full time digital painting videos.
  • Traditional art tips and tricks.
  • PSD files of my sketches that you can download and work with.
  • Traditional art tutorials.
  • Traditional art tips and tricks.
  • Funko customization tutorials (painting and sculpting).
  • Digital painting giveaway.
  • I will be answering traditional, digital or Funko related questions.
  • I will help you improve your art (traditional, digital and Funko customization)

I think that's fair and way more interesting than my old rewards and not to mention, affordable for everyone hopefully. 

thank you for your support and i can't wait to share more with you cuties.