Huge Improvements Coming Today!
Thank you so much everyone for helping me to reach Goal #2 on Patreon. This truly means a lot to me and I plan to return the favor by continuing to improve the Patreon and help the community. 

Today the following improvements will be added to Patreon:

-New Tags will be added where new Patrons can use the Tags to find pre-existing content for their new pledges with no waiting! This includes Investing Mastery + Money Methods. 

-New Tags will link to existing Money Making Method videos, so if you are new or you think you missed one, you can easily search and find the list. 

-New Pass feature will be added to all Passes/Pledges where you will get early access to some new videos that will be on Youtube. Sponsor Level Pass holders will get even more videos at early access. 

-Flip Mastery will now be more frequent and also have slightly expanded lists. 

-Polls and In-Game Patreon only events will be scheduled and done more often.