Something amazing has just happened. I hit two milestones this week... 13,000 Subscribers and 10,000,000 views on YouTube.

If you were to tell me ten years ago (when I was busking on my own through the Edinburgh winters to pay my rent), that I would be sitting in a hotel room in Tennessee doing a residency with TUKUO at Dollywood... I would have laughed in your face. It sounds ridiculous when I say it aloud. I play ukulele for a living.

So yeah... I have no idea what to say really without it coming across as a humble brag. I'm just super thankful for what I have because when I started I literally had nothing. I could barely pay my rent 10 years ago.... I was homeless for a short time 7 years ago....

This is a thank you... thank you for everything.

My Mum and Dad – For saying “it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as your happy”, for buying me my first instruments... and putting up with me practising and recording in my room.

My subscribers – For watching me from my first video blog till now... its been just about 10 years!

The Forest Cafe – For keeping me alive and feeding me when I was hungry in exchange for me working as a sound engineer. For giving me access to a space that would make me fall in love with studios again.

Suzies Diner – For introducing me to wonderful like minded musicians who would shape my life forever.

Jen – For believing in me and helping financially to start my studio.

Tonegarden – For giving me the chance at running my own studio space, and allowing me to continue working along side you.

Muriel and Jamie – For giving me various instruments over the years, and giving me the piano that became the Kazookeylele.

Alison – For not allowing me to slip into insanity (still on the edge tho)

Everyone at the Edinburgh Fringe – For just being awesome!

Tukuo – For accepting me into the BOBS!

Grandad - For giving me my first record player, getting me into Dr Hook as a child and basically getting me into the idea that music can be funny.

Thank you 

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